There is absolutely nothing fun or enjoyable about the beach

Crowds, sand, sunburn, children. The beach is an absolute nightmare. It’s loud, crowded and dirty. And unless you live within walking distance of the beach, most people have to drive quite a distance in order to get there. Then they get there, and all people do is sit around and do nothing. I can do nothing at home.

The ocean is nothing special either. I would much rather chill in a swimming pool with a drink in my hand than go play in the salty ocean. I’ve stepped on a fair share of hermit crabs when I was a kid. Don’t have that problem at all with swimming pools.

Then when you’re done, I hope you like sand! The sand you track back with you will be in your backpack, blankets, swimsuit, and all throughout your car for the next 3 years


  1. It’s definitely not for everyone, but sounds like you only have experience with busy beaches. Half of your problems disappear if you find a quieter beach

  2. Love Galveston. Take your truck on the beach. Bring a sunshade or a stand up tent. Bring a cooler and a small grill. Listen to music and smoke a joint and no one fucks with you. Might not be the absolute most beautiful beach but man there’s some great sunsets, great memories, and not a whole lot of authoritative rules.

  3. I felt that way too until I went to Greece. I’ve never enjoyed the beaches around me (NY), Florida (all those screaming families yuck) or even Jamaica(endless idiots trying to sell me things). Rio was so packed it was horrible…. basically for all the reasons you list but when I visited some Greek beaches it was so relaxing and magical with nobody harassing me. Water as clear as a swimming pool. The Greeks just know how to enjoy the sea it seems (except Santorini and Mykonos, they are overrun now with cruise ships and douchebags ).

  4. Research finds that spending time by the ocean is pretty good for your wellbeing. In fact, according to an analysis of English census data published in the journal Health Place, those who live by the coast report better physical and mental health than those who don’t.

    And in a study published in the Journal of Coastal Zone Management, participants who live in homes with ocean views report feeling calmer than those without them.

  5. It can definitely be overrated. I like to go, but there are people who HAVE to go and they don’t make going to the beach fun at all. If I go for my own purposes, like just enjoying and taking that type of nature in after smoking some good weed, then it’s much better. I used to hate going though so I understand where you are coming from

  6. You don’t hate the beech, you hate what people do to the beech. Crowds, rubbish, loud children, obnoxious people listening to loud music etc is what I hate about going to the beech. But give me an empty, sandy, secluded beech anytime… Umbrella, hammock, cold drink, sound of waves, long walk while watching beautiful sunset – I love that kind of beech experience.

  7. I also hate the beach. The actual beach, not just the people. I hate the sound of the waves. It’s like a loud, unending assault on my ears. I hate the salt air. I hate the way the salt air weathers everything and eats away at exteriors. I hate the sand everywhere all the time. I hate the way the salt water feels after it dries on my body. I feel like a grouch, but it’s just not for me! I’ll take the silence of the mountains and countryside any day.

  8. The only time a beach is fun is when its empty, under the full moon and the fish are biting not to mention its way cooler too even if the sand is warm the swell will be cooler and not as humid but it would also depend on where in the world you live as i imagine the equator will be hot no matter what time.

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