Santa Maria Beach – Playa Santa Maria

Santa Maria Beach and Bay (Playa Santa Maria y Bahia Santa Maria) along the Tourist Corridor of Cabo San Lucas, taken on March 18 2021.

Santa Maria Beach and Bay   March 18 2021.

Excerpt from Los Cabos Magazine Issue 44, Summer 2021.

Bahía Santa María (Santa María Bay)

Why: This lovely horseshoe-shaped beach has, like nearby Chileno, possibly lost a bit of its natural luster due to recent hotel development. Nonetheless, it’s a breathtaking spot to spread a beach towel and lather on the sunscreen. Better yet, the bay that it overlooks is a protected marine sanctuary teeming with colorful sea life and tropical fish.

When: Arrive in the morning for optimal swimming and diving conditions, before charter boat cruises arrive with large groups of sightseers and snorkelers.

Where: Santa María is located just off the Tourist Corridor; look for signs around km 12.


Santa Marina Beach (Playa Santa Maria) has been named a Blue Flag beach by the Blue Flag programme which is operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Just east of the previous location of the now demolished Hotel Twin Dolphin, this horseshoe-shaped gem tucked between two bluffs is a protected marine sanctuary. Perfect for families with very good swimming, snorkeling and dive sites offshore.

Like Chileno Bay, snorkel cruises arrive mid-day. Shade is scarce, so rent a beach umbrella, along with snorkeling gear, at the entrance. Access: Km. 13, follow the road to the parking area, about a quarter of a mile in from the highway.

At Km. 13 is yet another must see beach at Bahía Santa María next to the former location of the exclusive Hotel Twin Dolphin. As of December 2007 the Hotel Twin Dolphin has been demolished as the Chileno Beach Club project continues.

The above are all new photos of Santa Maria Beach and Bay along the Cabo San Lucas Tourist Corridor, Los Cabos, Baja Califorina Sur that were taken March 18, 2021. These is easy and well marked access from the main highway.  The panoramic views and other images were taken with my iPhone 6S.