Playa Pozo Cota

Pacific Beach near Todos Santos, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

This beach, Playa Pozo Cota was incorrectly called Playa Las Margaritas in the past. Peace and quiet are plentiful at this beach location.

Access: Turn off Highway 19 at Km. 104 (just before the Baja’s ATV center) and proceed about 1.2 miles on the navigable dirt road. The entrance road is called the Migriño Entrance. You will go past Rancho Carisuva as you head to the beach, Playa Pozo Cota.

The photo on the top left above shows an area to park before you cross onto the dunes to the beach. Most rental cars can go this far, but no further. If you want a motorized tour of the beach and area, or to ride a horse along the dunes, there are tours offered at Rancho Carisuva.