Good, cheapish hotel?

I am going to Mexico City in a few weeks. I have never visited Mexico before and can’t speak Spanish. I am staying for 3-6 days before going somewhere more quiet.

I have done a bit of research and understand that Centro Historico, Roma and Condesa are the popular areas. Can anyone recommend me a relatively cheap hotel in any of those areas? I think maybe the last two mentioned areas would be best, even though I know they are quite gentrified. I need a place without bed bugs (I have read the worst hotels in the city can be quite bad), not too noisy etc.

Tips for finding cheap hotels? I’m not above signing up for some promotion only to cancel a day later.

Also, how much does a taxi from the airport to these areas cost?


  1. It’s better to take an Uber, even without traffic it’s gonna be cheaper and safer. It shouldn’t cost more than 200 pesos with traffic.

    And: what’s cheapish to you? What’s your budget per night?

  2. Hotel Gillow off the Zócalo or the Castropole across from the Piño Suarez metro stop. They are both about MXN$600 per night, depending on the room.

    CDMX has a first rate French designed metro system, which is probably the world’s cheapest .. MXN$3 (USD$0.25) per ride, regardless of distance.

    You’ll be able to get to just about anywhere in the city with minimal transfers from those two hotels via the metro.

  3. For last minute, putting “hotel” or “motel” into Google Maps will show areas where most places to stay are located in the area. But actually driving to such an area and looking around usually yields a motel/hotel or several cheaper than any that show up in Google Maps. Not necessarily a nice place or even in very good repair (but sometimes a nice place that not technically savvy, but has a following that always books there anyway), but workable as a place to crash for the night without spending much.

  4. Use the “Map” search function on a site like, filter for maximum $/night price, then browse for the cheapest fare in the rough direction you wanna go.

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