Barcelo Maya Palace, good or trash? Reviews have been down.

I booked four rooms at the resort (Oct), prior to when I did 90% of the reviews were pretty good, most of which were glowing. However over the past 30 days there have been almost a dozen negative reviews, 10 of which were 1-2 stars. I posted a question on the page and instantly someone just responded “don’t go here”. Now I know how things go, when someone has a negative experience they can go off the rails.

So I had a few questions I was hoping to get HONEST answers about. The latest reviews I noticed popped up after a wedding party of 70 stayed… so it’s suspect.

First of all I read that if you lose your bracelet it costs 150+ bucks to get a new one. Which seems insane, but figured I would ask. Secondly it “seems” the most recent visitors are getting food poisoning, none of the A/Cs have been working and the staff overall has been hateful. Has anyone been recently and actually can give some honest input? I am starting to consider switching but wanted to make sure I am not coming across all BS.



  1. So do the Disney bands! Doors, parks, rides, paying for food etc. At this point I think I own around 30. If you lose it, you just buy another and they scan them at the desk to activate (in 10 seconds). Cheapest ones are 14.99, It’s seriously weird.

    I mean it is what it is, but from a technology standpoint it’s not a smartwatch. I guess at least they ALL do it so it’s not like the Palace is any different.

    Random question since everyone is not receptive on the resorts page. How are the crowds in October at the complex?

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