Ahhh! We are finally coming back :-)

After a 3-year Covid induced absence, we just booked our flight for 2 weeks in November! I’ve had the hotel reservation for months, but the airfare has been insane out of Newark on United. But it finally dipped by $150 each and we jumped on it. Still more than we wanted to spend, but worth it for the non-stop flight EWR – PVR.

Changed things up…as many of you know, we are long time Marriott folks and enjoy the marina area. But honestly, the Marriott priced themselves a bit out of our comfort zone for a 2-week stay. So we grabbed a great rate at the Sheraton, where as a Marriott Titanium (LOL, what’s next? Kryptonite?) we get lounge access which means free breakfast and evening wine/snacks. And it should save us a bundle in taxi fares to downtown.

I cannot wait to be back in my happy place – see you in November, PV!! And to my marina friends, ianp – I’m looking at you, we will definitely go there for Thursday market night while in town.


  1. Congratulation jtwiz on your upcoming trip, not to mention a non stop flight from where you are! They aren’t even available from Kansas City.

  2. I was a solo female business traveler for decades, so I hear you on being cagey with my whereabouts! You just don’t know. However, when with Mr. jtwiz, I’m more of an open book. And yes, after a 3-year absence and retirement from my job – I have LOTS of enthusiasm.

  3. I think JR is stiil hosting those in high season. Maybe he’ll jump in here. JR you up for a meet and greet Nov 8? That’d be the Tuesday before my birthday 11/10.

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