Warnings, Notices and Things to Remember

Cabo San Lucas Beaches, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Please do not drive on any of the area’s beaches. Mexican Federal law prohibits driving any motorized vehicles on any beach in Mexico.We emphatically stress that swimming off all the beaches on the Pacific side is very dangerous due to swift sea currents and powerful waves. Use caution!. As you will discover along the Los Cabos coast, almost all roads lead to a beach and a new adventure

Please do not litter our beaches. Always take along a plastic trash bag for your trash. Also, please consider taking along another plastic garbage bag and picking up any trash left by other inconsiderate people. Help keep the beaches clean and beautiful.

At the Beach – Things to Remember

It is important to remember a few things before beginning your Cabo San Lucas Beach trip:

Number One: There are no lifeguards here, not even at most hotel pools. So, try not to swim alone as no big lifeguard hunk wearing red Speedos is going to come to your rescue.

Number Two: One won’t find a convenience store on every corner here (although OXXO stores are almost there), so bring lots of sun block, sunglasses, drinking water, snacks, bathroom tissue, film, extra flash memory and batteries for digital cameras, as well as a beach umbrella, snorkeling gear, sand toys, etc. And don’t forget a plastic garbage bag in which to carry your trash out when you leave.

Number Three: Certain beaches have rough seas with severe undertows, dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. Conditions can change very quickly. Watch out for rogue waves. Pay attention to any warning signs.

Number Four: Remember that it’s illegal to drive on beaches in México. Environmental protectionism is growing in countries all over the world and one needs to be as sensitive here in México as in the USA. In either country, a fuel spill from one’s boat or 4×4 on most beaches can result in stiff fines.